An Episcopal wedding is first and foremost a time of worship and the solemn exchange of vows. The Book of Common Prayer is our primary guide for worship and weddings. A service without Holy Communion is around 30 minutes long. A service with Holy Communion is around 1 hour long. Only the vows from the BCP are permitted during the service. If you would like personalized vows, we suggest you make time at the reception to recite them. Please see the service outline on page 7.

Our organist gets right of first refusal for weddings at Emmanuel. If you wish to use a different organist, you must discuss it with the Priest in Charge. Please be sure to call the organist right away to make arrangements. Music should be sacred in nature.

You need to provide the flowers. Florists must call ahead to arrange for set up and clean up. Unannounced visits are not permitted.

You are responsible for providing bulletins for your wedding. A sample bulletin is available upon request.

Emmanuel traditionally has two candles on the altar. If you wish to use additional candles, please consult the Priest in Charge. We do not allow "unity candles."

Rice, Rose Petals & Birdseed:
Throwing rice at the couple is not allowed, as it is unhealthy for birds. Additionally, the dropping of rose petals or other flowers inside the church is not permitted. If you desire to throw something at the couple, birdseed is allowed (outside only). Bubbles or biodegradable confetti are also acceptable (outside only).

We understand the desire to capture the joy of your wedding day in pictures and video. Due to the sacred nature of the wedding service, photography inside the church must honor the sacredness of the service. Flash photography is not permitted except when the bride/groom enters at the beginning and when the couple exits at the end. Photographers/videographers are not to approach the altar or act in an obtrusive or distracting manner. Please share this information with your photographer before the day of the wedding.

For members of Emmanuel in good standing who are on record as financially supporting the church, there are no usage fees for the building. If you are not a pledging member or "giver of record" the fee for use of the church is $350.00. There are other customary fees: an honorarium for the priest (check to be made out to Emmanuel Church, and will be used for charitable purposes) and a fee for the organist (check made out to organist). The suggested honorarium for the priest is $200.00. The fee for the organist is $250.00 for the service. All fees and gifts to the church are best done at the rehearsal or directly prior to the service.

Marriage License
It is the responsibility of the couple to obtain and properly fill out the marriage license. Sometimes in the excitement of the day, couples forget this important detail. It is best to have the marriage license, church registers, and declarations of intent signed at the rehearsal. The priest in charge will sign and date the license on the wedding day. If you do not bring the marriage license, there will be no wedding.

Alcohol and Drugs
It is not permissible for the wedding party to have alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances before the ceremony. If the couple, or any of the members of the wedding party, are visibly intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances, they will be asked to leave the church and will not be able to participate in the service.


1. Come worship with us. (Sundays at 8am or 10am)
2. Introduce yourself to the Rev. Lauren McLeavey.
3. Schedule a meeting with her.
4. At that meeting we will go over all of the above and discuss details.
5. We will then set the date.
6. If you have already locked in the date for your reception before you talk to the church, you may be disappointed that your date is not available.

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